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Marko’s Mystics protects your privacy while using our services. In this data protection policy are explained, how we handle and protect your private data.


Responsible for your privat data are


COMPANY Marko’s Mystics

Post address: Kuoppalantie 55, 43440 Pylkönmäki, Finland


Business identity code: 2595112-8 / VAT-number: FI25951128





Reason for the recording and basis for

We collect private data to take care of customer relations. As basis for justification when handling privat data are the contract between us and the legal obligations that result from it. Giving private data is a requirement to originate the contract. In other words you can’t order products from our internet shop, if you don’t give your private data.

We also collect private data for marketing. As basis for justification when handling privat data are approval.

We don’t do profiling concerning you and automatic decisions.


This is how we protect your data

We follow the EU GDPR- Data protectionregulations. We use anti virus software. We use password protection. We only use reliable suppliers or cooperation partners. Data will only be used if they are necessary for the continuation of the activity.


Your private data will be received by

- Our company and it’s workers

- The payment middleman, who receives the payment from you

- Transport companies, who deliver the products to you

- The book-keeper, who register the order in our book-keeping

- The book-keeper, who inspects our book-keeping

- IT-companies, who maintains our internet pages


This is for how long we keep your private data

The customer information are kept in the register as long as the registrated person are a regular customer. After the customer relation and the buying has ended the private data are kept


- in the internet shop 5-6 years

- in the e-mail archive 7-8 years

- in the book-keeping material 7-8 years


You have the following rights

- The right to check private data concerning yourself

- The right to correct data

- The right to limit handling of your private data

For example you can forbid marketingor allowtheir use only to checkthe correctness of your data

- The right to resist handling

You can ask for, that your data will no longer be handled in those purposes, they were collected for, but you want us to keep them to make or defend rightdemands. Then we don’t have permission to remove private data, before you give your permission for that.

- The right to cancel your approval (for example you can cancel your approval for marketing)

- The right to make an complaint to the supervision authority

- The right tobe forgotten”, ergodata removal from our register

Observe, that you have this right, only if we don’t have legalobligationsto continue the handling of your private data(as the bookkeeping law). Private data handlingcan also benecessaryto make,presentordefend an rightdemand. The removal of your datawill be stopped, untilthey can beremoved.


Direct marketing ban

If you don’t want to receivemessages from us anymore, you can ask to set an marketing ban.

Basis for justification: To fulfill obligations concerning the marketing communication ban and comparing of the interests.



An cookie is a small textfile, that our internet site saves on your browser, when you are visiting our internet sites. Next time when you return to the site, the data saved in the cookie reports to the site about your earlier made activities. 

We use cookies as help to analyse the traffic on our internet sites and to improve user experience. We might among other things save information about your earlier visits on our site and information about pages, that you have opened. Additional information about cookies is here täällä

Approving the use of cookies you also approve, that we collect information about your visit. If you don’t approve the use of cookies in this purpose, block their use in the browser settings. You can also remove the cookies saved on your computer whenever. There is additional information in the instruction part concerning cookies. Observe, if you don’t approve cookies, you can’t shop in our internet shop anymore.


Obligatory cookies and feature cookies

This kind of coookies are obligatory, ergo must be used, so that the internet sites and their features would work correctly. Without these cookies you can’t shop in our internet shop. These cookies helps to develop the accessibility of the internet sites and performance, by means of them we are able to provide different features.


Third party cookies

This kind of cookies originates from third parties, such as social media services. They are mainly used to integrate social media content (for example Social Plugins) or to analyse (for example Google Analytics).


Links to other sites

On our internet sites there can be links to external sites. They don’t belong to this practice of circuit. Marko’s Mystics are not responible for the data protection practice of other sites. The links are only intended to make it easier to move. Markos Mystics are not responsible for content existing on or provided by third party sites. We don’t check, supervise or follow the material on third party sites and we don’t give any guarantees associated to their content, correctness or legality. You use third party sites, to whom the links on our sites are leading, with your own responsibility. The use of third party sites concerns their own terms of usage and practice of confindetiality.


Social media

Marko’s Mystics are not reponsible for handling of personal data on Facebook-, Twitter, Instagram- and Pinterest-services but point at the services in question and their own practice of confidentiaity.


This is how you get in contact with us

If you have somethingt to ask about the handling of your private data or if you want to ask us to correct, remove or relocate them, take contact at the address


In matters concerning handling of private data additional information is given by supervising authority (Data protection authorized,


Changes to this data protection document

This data protection document can if needed be uppdated now and then. Last time this document has been uppdated is 22.7.2023.


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