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Returning, change and risk in delivery




Ordinary delivery

According to the consumer legislation products that are sold to the consumer have a (14) day returning right, that counts from receivening the product. The product/products have to be unused and in original sales shape. The money are refunded straight to your account after receivening and handling the return. The normal post and packaging costs caused by returning remains in this case to be paid by the buyer.


Returning because of breaking

Reason to the reurning can also be breaking during delivery. In this case as a rule the post office are responsible for the breaking of delivery and we ask you to report it to the post office. If the post office don't give you compensation for the broken product you also have to contact us as soon as possible from receiving the product. In this case if needed we ask you to send back the product to us for checking.

When the returning are approved, the money will be returned straight to your account after receiving and handling the return. In this case we also pay back the postal charge caused by the returning.


How do I return?

If you want to return the products, bring the delivery packed in its original delivery package and original freight declaration fastened to the package to the same place where you have picked it up.

The products returned when returned have to be in original shape, so they have not been put to use. With the delivery there have to be a receipt or copy of the receipt and informal explanation to the reason of return and account number, where you wish the purchase money are paid back.


How do I change?

If you want to change the product to an another product, put along a precise explanation of, what you would like to change your product to and account number, if the difference of the purchase money remains to be paid by us. In this case the buyer have to pay for the extra postage and price expenses caused by the changing.


What do I do if the product get lost during delivery?

If the products somehow get lost during delivery we ask you primarily to turn to the postal service and claim compensation from them. In these situations the case is investigated and decided for case-by-case.



Marko's Mystics refund all products, in which there are discovered a factory defect. Send the defective product packed in it's original delivery package and take contact on the E-mail address Include to the defective product a short description of the problem, your name and the products order number.

If necessary Marko's Mystics will send the defective product back to the producer for the final estimation. When the defect after our inspection have been approved as a factory defect we will also pay back the returning fee caused by this.

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