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I have read the terms below and approve them





When using our site you approve our terms of use.

We recommend you to read them carefully to avoid misunderstandings.


Ownership and permissions

Marko's Mystics owns all permissions  to the sights content, appearance and pictures.


Order and customer register

When ordering you approve our Terms of use, Data protection document, Terms of delivery and Terms of returning. When ordering the customers admits to give away their personal data to Marko's Mystics and we keep the information in our system.


The reason for storage and grounds for justice

Information in the customer database are used to fulfill obligations towards Marko's Mystics own customers. We collect and store personal data to maintain and take care of customer relations, and to keep up communication between Marko's Mystics and the customer. This includes among other things communication concerning orders, delivery and other information, that are considered important for the customer. The grounds for justice when handling personal data are the contract between us and the law regulated obligations followed by that. Giving the personal data are condition for the contract to be born. In other words you can't order products from our webshop , if you don't give your personal data.

We also collect personal data for marketing purposes. The information is used to inform about new products and giving offers. The grounds for justice when handling personal data are approval.


Personal data to handle

In the register we handle the customers personal- and contact information and other information necessary to handle the customer relationship.

These information is:

  • Customers name
  • Post address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Web invoice or the E-mail for the web invoice


Register holder

COMPANY Marko's Mystics

Address: Kuoppalantie 55, 43440 Pylkönmäki, SUOMI


Business identity code: 2595112-8 / VAT-number FI25951128




Register name

Marko's Mystics customer register


Possible changes

We reserve the right to possible changes concerning prices, printing errors, errors in product pictures and/or misinformation, resulting from technical or humane mistakes. We reserve the right to change prices, terms of use, terms of delivery, terms of returning, delivery fees and data protection document.


Cookie Policy

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